Convert MP4 to Apple Video File (MOV or M4V) with QuickTime.

After I show a trick to upload instagram photo from your computer, in this article I’m gonna show you how to convert MP4 to MOV or M4V with QuickTime. When I create a iMovie project, depends on the files resolution, sometimes it will result as a MP4 files. And it’s sucks because I can’t upload it to instagram from my iPad. I have to convert it to M4V first.

I don’t know if you can do the same task with Quicktime on Windows, but if you use MAC you can quickly convert MP4 files to MOV or M4V with this awesome software.

First, open your MP4 with quicktime player.

On Menu bar, click File -→ Export -→ iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch & Apple TV.

Choose type of device you want and click Save button.

Convert MP4 to MOV or M4V with QuickTime

The M4V file will save on the same folder as your MP4 file.

That’s it. Easy and quick right?. You can save the new file on dropbox and then post it from your Apple device.

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