What is the Difference Between Alexa Rank & Google PageRank?.

Do you know that every website (including a blog) have internet ranking?. For long time blogger, i think they already know this. But, for beginner, this is a new information for you. An exciting news as well because now you want to know your blog rank in internet. But, first thing first, okay?.

What is the Difference Between Alexa Rank & Google PageRank?
source: factsnfakes

Basically, there are 2 common rank known in internet. Alexa Rank & Google PageRank. These ranking is tell web owner how popular their site/blog is. In this article, i will explain to you as easiest as possible the difference between these two ranking.

Alexa Rank.

Alexa Rank calculate based on your daily visitor & total pageviews. Many blogger said the parameter to get a good alexa rank is by adding their browser extension/ads-on. The more dynamic visitor with different IP visit your blog, the better Alexa Rank your blog have.
The lowest rank in Alexa begin from data number to rank number 1. So, 1.000.000 Alexa Rank is better than 2.000.000. Until today, the number 1 is still Google.

Google PageRank.

From the name of it, it’s obvious based on google ranking. The rank start from lowest to highest rank, from 1 to 10. The bigger your point, the better your blog value. Google pagerank will calculate how many backlinks in and out to and from your blog, and the value of blog SEO technique.
Now, you can see these two is quiet different ranking. Visitor and pageviews means nothing to google. Google pagerank is about unique, original, and quality content, so other website will put your blog on their pages as a recommendation or reference article.
I bet now you want to know your blog ranking, right?. I will write on my next post how to add them, so don’t forget to subscribe!.

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