What to Do After You Create a Blog.

Let’s say after you read my previous post, you decide to go with blogspot/blogger blog. To create blogger/blogspot blog, you only need gmail id. But, if you still not sure, I guide below a blogging tutorial for beginner, step by step to create blogger/blogspot.

1. Go to blogger.com, and sign in with your GMail ID.

2. Once you in, you’ll be on your all blogs dashboard. If none blog added, click the Create Blog button on left sidebar. Now, the create blog window will pop ups. Fill the title, subdomain name, and pick the template ( just choose whichever, you can change it later ). Then Create Blog button. See the pics below:

Now you have a new blog. For beginner they always confuse what blog setting to do next. List below are the basic things I usually do after create new blog. Open your blog Setting tab, you can find all things I mention below there.


1. Set blog title.
Give you blog a title that you think unique or fit with your blog content. Just like this blog, it’s pretty cool, right?. 😀

2. Description.
Add description about your blog. What your blog about.

3. Not Listed on Search Engine.
When my blog is still under construction, I always set my blog not listed on search engine. Don’t want people visit it with messy lay out.


1. Show at Most.
Show how many blog post will display on your homepage.

2. Post Template.
It’s like a signature. The lines will show on the bottom of every post.

3. Who Comment and Comment Moderation.
I always set up anyone and comment moderation always. That way, you can remove spam comment before they up on site. Don’t forget to show word verification.

4. Comment From Message.
It’s a message you put on comment box. In this blog, it said: ” Please don’t leave spam comments, it will remove asap “.


1. Meta Tags Description.
This is a very important and basic of blogspot SEO. This description is to show search engine more specific about your site. I usually add my keywords here, not all of them but one or two. If you fill this box, every time you write post, on your post setting, there will be a search description. This option is very good single post SEO practice, where you tell search engine what your post about. I also add my keyword here.

Those are basically the first thing i always set up when i have a new blog created. After that i start to hunting a proper niche blogspot template on internet.

How to Upload New Template to Blogspot/Blogger:

1. On your blog Dashboard click Template. Click on Backup/Restore button. New window will appear, click browse button. Btw, everytime you download free template from internet, its’s on zip. file, so make sure to unzip the file, and choose the.xml file Click Upload button and close.

I think that’s it for now. Subscribe for my next blogging article. Hope it’s useful guys!.

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