2 Type Subscribe by Email and How to Add Them.

There are 2 type of tool to let people follow your blog or subscribe via email. By blogger official follow by email or subscribe by email use feedburner feature. Either way, it’s your choice.

But, if you ask me which one is the best, i would say subscribe by email from feedburner. You can monitor the number or progress how many people subscribe your blog via feeds or email. Those numbers can boost your blogging spirit, i guess. *hehe*. I use them on all my blogs. And for follow via email, you receive no data. Just add the gadget, and that’s it.

Now, for adding subscribe by email use feedburner feature, follow the steps below:

1. Go to feedburner web, and log in with your google ID. It’s one of google product, so it’s safe.

2. On burn a feed right this instant box, enter your blog URL. Check I am a podcaster, and click Next button.

3. Feedburner will give your feeds name and feeds url. You can change the name if you don’t like. I usually just keep it that way. Click Next button.

4. Congrats, now your feedburner feed is live. Just click on Skip directly to lead management to get the code.

On next page, click on Publicize.

5. On your left sidebar click Email Subscription. Click Active button after that.

6. Now, you can see your html code. Choose your blogging platform, and if it’s blogger, it will directly go to LayOut Add Gadget page. If you’re in tumblr, just copy and paste the code on sidebar area. Or i should probably write tumblr tutorial for this. Anyone?. Stay tune. *hehe*.

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