5 Reasons Why You Should Join Tumblr.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that created by David Karp in 2007 when he was only 19 years old. The original concept when he created tumblr is to giving people a blogging platform choices than WordPress and blogspot (at that time) that easily to manage. No need a lot of button to publish content. For beginner blogger, I honestly think tumblr is a great blogging learning tool before you step to more pro platform like WordPress and blogspot.

I know most of serious blogger are hesitate to use tumblr for their business. It’s understandable, because tumblr SEO performance is not that good. When you search topic/keyword on search engine, it’s rare to find a result from tumblr blog, except if you includes specific word “tumblr”. But, tumblr must have something unique or powerful that make them growing fast and get Yahoo attention this year.
Here’s 5 reasons that i can think of why you (beginner or pro blogger) should start blogging with tumblr:

1. Easy to Publish Post.
As I mentioned above, tumblr is probably the easiest blogging platform out there. To publish a post, you can easily spot 7 publish icons on the top of your dashboard. Just one click, and the publish box will pop out. The setting option, the place where you set how you run or manage your blog UI is easily to learn. And the dashboard sidebar is not complicated and crowded as wordpress or blogspot.

2. Impressive Stats.
Tumblr is growing fast in USA and globally. Until today they have 157.0 million blogs and 69.7 billion posts. Which is above of wordpress that only have 73.2 million blogs. In United State and globally, tumblr win over wordpress on pageviews and visits on last month stats. With this numbers you can see there is a big potential for small business to start using tumblr, that i haven’t see a lot of pro blogger that take this advantage more serious. If you want to check specific tumblr stats, go visit quantcast.com. You can compare tumblr stats with other blogging platform there.

3. Potential User.
Some of you probably notice or see typical tumblr post. Most of them are tv show and entertainment gifs, fashion photos, art and design work, quotes image, or just personal rant. This is because most of active tumblr user are on the age < 18, 18-24, and 25-34. quantcast.com call it young adults with average income $0-50k. For small business blog, these users are potential new customer/client. For people who actually making money from blogging, this is a big opportunity to growing your business.

4. Awesome Search Feature.
On tumblr you can easily find a blog with your interest in easy and fast way. Through recommend blogs and spotlight feature on dashboard sidebar. Or if you have specific keywords, you can type them on search box. People who looking for that word will find your post and like it and reblog it. This action will eventually give your post/blog more exposure.

5. Powerful Like and Reblog Feature.
This is one of the most powerful tumblr feature. When people like your post, they will like it and reblog it on their blog. It will help your blog SEO and popularity. We know tumblr SEO performance is suck. With this feature, your blog will receive free exposure and backlinks from other tumblr blog.

If you have other opinion why people should start tumbling, please comment below. Seriously guys, if you haven’t join tumblr, you should now!.

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