A Simple Explanation About Meta Tag Description on Search Preference Section.

I’m sure for every beginner blogspot blogger will get confuse and don’t know what to do with their Settings —> Search Preference section. Google introduced this feature back in 2012 when they completely re-design blogger UI. In this section, you can see there are 3 part of it: Meta Tag Description, Errors and Redirections, and Crawlers and Indexing. These 3 feature will help you to improve your on-page SEO.

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In this post, I’m just gonna give you a simple explanation about meta tag description. I’m not gonna throw you all with those 3 part. That will make a very long post, and as a reader myself, I don’t really like reading a long post. People come to look a simple and quick answer, and that what I’m trying to do with this blog.

Now, What is Meta Tag Description?.

Meta Tag Description is one of HTML meta element that used by website owner as a metadata information of their blog/web. Webmaster/blogger have to add this element below <head> tag. Sometimes people also add Meta Tag Keywords, so they will look like this:

<meta content=’your blog description here’ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’keywords, keywords, keywords, etc’ name=’keywords’/>
<meta content=’all’ name=’robots’/>

These 3 meta tag element is telling search engine or other internet service what your blog is about. It’s just like in real life. When you meet new people, you have to introduce yourself, right?. Well, so does a new brand web/blog.

In old blogger dashboard, we had to add them manually to blog template. But now, google make it easier for you. Just go to Settings —> Search Preference and enable meta tag description. Write your blog description, and click save changes button.

Now, go to your browser address bar, and type your blog URL. Example below:


You will see the top result is your blog name and below is your blog description. This is how KCSB look like:

If your blog description doesn’t show up, and only show some of text from your latest post, give google 1-2 days to crawl your blog, and check again.

This meta tag description only apply for your homepage not cover all your pages. But, by enable it, now you can add meta search description for every single post. You can find this feature on your post editor.

However, if you install 3rd party template that you can find easily on google, you will see some of those template that don’t have element under <head> tag and some have element tag that can cause you blog have duplicate meta tag description, and eventually get your blog penalty by google. What is it?, and how to avoid/fix it? I will explain it on my next post.

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