Add Sitemap to Google and Bing.

If on my previous post, i show you guys what are 3 things you should do to get your site indexed faster, in this post I’m gonna show you one of the tips i mentioned before about adding your blog sitemap.

Google Webmaster Tool.

Let’s just say you already added your site on GWT. Now, after you log in on GWT, click on your site. On site dashboard click on sitemap, or you can access it from left sidebar. Crawl —> Sitemaps.

Add Sitemap to Google
Add Sitemap to Google 2
Add Sitemap to Google 3

On picture #3, you can see i have submitted 60 post and all of them got indexed.

Bing Webmaster Tool.

Bing and Yahoo are sharing the same webmaster tool. So, if you add site to bing, that also mean you add them to yahoo as well.

Go to BWT, and sign in with your hotmail/msn/live ID. Now, the Add a Site box is on top left. Enter your blog url, sitemap, and set to All Day ( Default ).

Add Sitemap to Bing 1
The next part, Bing will ask you to verify your site. copy and paste your verify code and place them below¬†<head> section of your HTML template. Bing will show you how it done. So, it should be easy to add. Once you place the code, don’t forget to save template, back to BWT, and click the Verify button.
Add Sitemap to Bing 2

The next tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to fetch your content. Don’t forget to subscribe!. If you have question feel free to comment, tweet me, or email me. See ya!.

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