[WordPress] Remove Spam Comments with Akismet.

Spam comments will flood your blog instantly after you publish a post. If you manage your own blog, it’s a little frustrated to see all this unrelated comments. And I’m not talking about just 2 or 3 comments, they like dozen at the same time. You can moderate this in manual way by select all the spam comments and move it to trash. But, because it’s too many, sometimes you accidentally delete the organic comments. But, feel no worry anymore. To easy this normal admin task, you can use Akismet Anti Spam plugin.

To use this plugin you need to join akismet first. And yes it’s a free register. You can join using your wordpress.com account. Next install the plugin. You can search it from your plugin sidebar area or to save your time here’s the link. Once it’s installed, click on Activate.

Click on Setting and when you on its page, click on that “Get your API key” button.

Remember, you need to be in your wordpress.com account. You will send directly to akismet page. There is a “Get An Akismet API Key” button, click on it. You will greet with subscription plan. Don’t worry, you still can use this plugin for free. Just click on “View your current plan and subscription details”.

And then click “Activate this site”.

Here’s the confirmation form that open on your Akismet wordpress settings page. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

Akismet Anti Spam

That’s it. Now you have the Akismet Anti Spam plugin active, just sit relax & sleep well, without worry have to manual moderate all those bad comments the next morning. If you beginner wordpress blogger, I suggest this is one of the first plugin that you need to install. Very useful and save your time.

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