Basic and Posts Settings Guideline Pt.1.

When you create a blogger blog, there are only 3 step you have to do before you have a blog. You can look and change some of the things later on Settings section. This post is part of my blogger settings guideline for beginner that will have 3 part of them.

This 1st part, I’m gonna show you a simple guidelines of basic and posts sub-section.


 It’s a basic information about your blog that include your blog tittle, description and privacy. I think it’s quiet easy to understand the title and description part, right?. But i have a few thought about privacy part. If your blog still under construction, it’s safe for you to set this option to NO. Think as a visitor. You don’t want to read a blog that have a “nasty” layout, do you?.

 Also if you running an adult blog, i suggest you to turn it off as well. Blogspot is google product. So, they want every search experience is natural and clean for all user. If you insist to make it visible to SE, they will penalize your blog and kick you out from search engine result.
If you want to change your URL, this is the place. But, please don’t change blog url very often. Before you post anything on web, make up your mind about the url. Your post will get lost on web, receive not found error, and force search engine to crawl your blog all over again.
If you want to add another author or admin, and have specific readers audience, this is the option you need. Again if you running an adult site or any high secret blog, you can set your readers privately only for the blog author or any contact you added. Other visitor won’t be able to read your post, they will get the private page message when they on it.
On Settings, go to posts and comment tab. Choose the number of post you want to shown on your homepage and add a customize post message that will appear in the end of your post content. As you can see, i have If you like this post, please share it message on this blog.
 Hopefully this simple article is helpful for all of the newbie blogger. See ya next time!.

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