Switch From WordPress Block Editor to Classic Editor

Just like what I mentioned on my previous post, it’s been a while since I publish an article. So imagine my surprise when I see wordpress post editor have change to block editor. I know a lot of WordPress user are not happy including me of course. Everything in new editor is in a sleek block design. You can add and move around the block. What I don’t like about this design is it’s so sensitive. You can accidentally drag one block and no idea where it is on your post. Also the feature (with its tiny icon) is hidden in its drop-down menu, you have to click it to find what you need. So not practical.

Maybe it’s just need some adjustment, right?. But, honestly we’re bloggers just need a simple editor. There’s a way if you want to switch back to classic editor. I wish wordpress give us option though, but for this you need a plugin called Classic Editor. So, go ahead install and activate Classic Editor plugin. Once its activated, click on Settings. Now on default editor for all users check Classic Editor. And on allow users to switch editors check yes. Don’t forget to click on save changes button.

Wordpress Block Editor to Classic Editor

When you create new blog post, the classic editor should be default. Also on your all post lists you should see the option given between block or classic editor under your blog title.

Install Disable Gutenberg Plugin By Jeff Starr.

If Classic Editor plugin doesn’t work for you anymore, you can install Disable Gutenberg plugin By Jeff Starr. Check both of the box on setting section.

Click on Save Changes button and active the plugin. Don’t forget to uninstall Classic Editor plugin.

Enjoy and no more waste time on editor that need more time to navigate than its necessary. I hope you have a good day and don’t forget to share this wordpress block editor to classic editor post if you find it helpful…

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