Breakthrough Language Barrier With Google Translate Widget.

How excited are you when you check your stat and see visitor comes from foreign country that don’t even speak your language or english. I see it a couple time on my dashboard and wondering how it happened. From my little observation, I found out they come from referral link, like when you share your post to social media or online bookmark, there’s a chance you will receive visitor that is not from your target geographic.

They did looking for the same topic as your article though, it’s just unfortunately not on they language. To accommodate this foreign readers, it is wise of you if you add translate widget on your blog, so they won’t exit quickly and keep continue reading your content. Luckily for blogspot user, we have official google translate widget. Follow the instruction below how to add this useful tool.

1. On your dashboard, go to Lay Out section, and click Add Gadget.

2. Search for google translate widget, click on + sign, and place it on your sidebar.

Congrats, now you can have more loyal readers outside your target audience.

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