Connect Namecheap Domain Name with Blogger Account.

Every free blogging platform (blogger,, allow you to use your own domain name on their platform. If by default using their subdomain name, your url will look like this: or Now if you own domain name, your url will look like this: Pretty cool, right?. It look awesome and now you have another bragging right to your friends and family *hehe*.

On my previous post, i show you how to add namecheap domain on tumblr blog. This time blogging tutorial is to show you how to connect namecheap domain name with blogger blog.

1. Go to your blogger dashboard, click Setting tab, and choose Basic.

On Publishing area click +Add a custom domain. Enter your domain name. Now, blogger will give you Sub-domain setting details/value, like the picture below:

Copy- paste those www and sub-domain setting details on notepad, you gonna need it later. Click Save button.

2. Log in to your namecheap account and do the 3 first steps like i show you on tumblr post. To short it, after you log in to your namecheap account, go to MY ACCOUNT on the top right of your menu bar, click Manage Domains, choose your domain name, and click All Host Records on left sidebar.

3. Now, enter this @ and www values like the picture show below:

@: your blog name. Record Type: URL Redirect. TTL: 1800

www: Record Type: CNAME (Alias). TTL: 1800

Subodomain settings: enter the details/value that blogger give you above.

4. Then click Save Changes.

That’s it!. Congrats, now you have your blogspot running with your own domain name!.

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