Create Blogger Contact Us Form with Google Drive.

If you read my old post about blogspot official contact form, i assume you already added it by now. However, i wanna give you another alternative tool which is Google Drive. Contact me widget is a very useful tool for bloggers or website owner to contact with their readers and potential partnership opportunity.

For me the offcial contact me form from blogger is already amazing. It’s directly send to your email. And I personally like the design. It’s simple and clean. However if you want to give your widget a little bit theme, you can create contact me form using google drive. This is how to do it.

1. When you on your google account, click on Apps button on top right, and choose Google Drive.

2. Click on Create and choose Form.

3. There’s a pop-out window will appear and ask you the title and which theme you want to use. If everything set, click Ok button.
4. Every contact form will required at least 4 box: name, subject, email, and message. On next window, add Name text on question title, check required question, and click Done button.
Now, you want add subject, email, and message. To be able to do that click on Add item that is place below Done button. So, it should be look like this:
For message item, choose paragraph text. If you happy with the setting, click on Send Form button on right top of the window. A window will be open, click on Embed button and copy the code.
Your contact form is ready to add, but you need a notification when someone send you a message. To able to do this, click on response destination button.
5. A new dialog box will appear. Set it up like the picture below:
Click on View response button on top bar.
A new browser tab will open with a spreadsheets. On menu bar, go to Tool, and choose notification rules.
Save and click Done button.
The next part is to add the code you copy from step #4 and paste it to HTML/Javascript gadget that you can find on Lay Out section.
That’s it. Now, you have customized theme contact form. Yay!.

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