How to Create Blogspot Pages.

When you want to add addition information about your blog, such as: what your blog is about, advertising space details, contact info, etc, you need to add a single page.

It’s very simple to add pages on blogger, just follow this tutorial.

1. When you in your blog dashboard, click Pages tab. On the top, you will see there’s a New Page button that offer you 2 type of pages: blank page and web address. Blank page is a page that added inside your blog. When you click on it, the text window will appear just like post window.

When you want to direct readers to other web address, inside or outside your blog, you choose web address. This is usually apply if you have portfolio to another web service or if you want to add email address.

2. You can set how you want your pages display on your blog layout. On header or top tabs, side links as you can see on this blog, or don’t show at all. This mean you will add link pages manually by tweaking your HTML code.

3. When you already have all pages you need, you can arrange their placement by drag them and position them as you please. However, i have one note. I’m not sure if it’s just apply to my template or generally. When you finish arrange them, don’t click save arrangement. Somehow, when i do that and click view blog, the pages disappear from my blog lay out. My advise is when you finish, view blog, and if it’s appear just the way you want it, leave it there.

It’s pretty simple, right?. Until my next post, bloggers!.

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