Custom Robots Header Tags Guidelines For SEO Optimize.

Since blogger added custom robots header tags on their new dashboard a couple years ago, user have a better option to optimize their blog. We are no longer use HTML template and added them manually. You can optimize your blogger SEO through search preferences feature. On this area, you will find two option, robots.txt and robots header tags.

The use of robots header tags is to give you control how every pages/post should index by search engine ( google, bing, yahoo, etc ). Follow the instruction below for the right robots header tags customize:

1. Log in to your dashboard.

2. Go to  Settings ->> Search preferences ->> Crawler and indexing ->> Custom robots header tags then click Edit.

3. Now check all the box that show like the picture below:

Custom Robots Header Tags Guidelines For SEO Optimize

This is a recommended settings that will tell search engine to index your blog and its content, index your homepage and posting article but not with archive/label, and also not allow User-agent Open Directory Project (noodp) to crawl your blog.

Understand Blogger Robots Header Tags Option Feature.

Of course, you can set this feature to advance level. But, before you do that, here’s a simple explanation about what all these tags mean.

Allow search engine to index all pages and blog content.

Not allow search engine to index this page on result page, also not to display ” cached ” link on SERP.

This tag is not allow search engine to follow links on this page.

This tag has a same value as noindex, nofollow.

Not allow search engine to display “Cached” link on SERP.

Search engine is not allow to show short description on SERP for this page.

This tag is not allow search engine to use metadata from Open Directory Project on tittle for this page.

Search engine is not allow to offer a translation for this page on SERP

Image on this page is not allow to index by search engine.

Unavailable after:
This page will not show on SERP on specific date/hour that is setting in RFC 850 format.

This setting is a default recommendation for a better SEO. Any wrong check can cause your blog disappear or get punish by google because violent their TOS. Like the warning said, use this tool careful.

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