Display Your Deviantart Gallery Portfolio.

If you are what they call a deviant, you should have a deviantart gallery on your blog or website platform. Go visit deviantshare and follow the instruction, they also have facebook and twitter application there, but if you already here i`m gonna show you how :).

Follow this easy steps for blogspot user below:

1. LOG IN to your Deviantart account, go to your PROFILE page. On DEVIOUS INFO click edit, change your CURRENT RESIDENCE to:


2. Now go to Deviantshare, follow step 2 like the pic below:

3. Now LOG IN to your Blogger account, on your dashboard go to Layout. Click ADD GADGET. On Gadget page search Deviantart. On the result click on + sign. like the pic below:

4. On deviantart gadget box, enter the required info. SAVE it.

5. Now put the deviantart gadget wherever you like. SAVE the Layout arrangement and now click VIEW BLOG.

You have your Deviantart Gallery on Blogspot now. If this widget doens’t work, check other DA widget from Psd Dude. If you have trouble, leave me messages.

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