Fetch Content to Google & Bing After You Publish A Post.

After you publish your post, you want search engine to crawl your content as soon as possible. One effective way to do it by fetch your content to google and Bing. Fetch means you tell SE you have new post, and the bots will immediately index the url and other url inside the post. This is the fastest way to make reader discover your content.

This easy blogger tutorial for beginner is very simple. Just follow the instructions below:

Fetch as Google.

1. Click on the site once you log in to your google webmaster tool. On left sidebar, go to Crawl — > Fetch as Googlebot. If you want to index your homepage, just click the fetch red button, and leave the box empty.

If you want your single post get index fast, enter the url, start from the year directory, and click fetch. Like the picture below:

2. Now, click on submit to index button. The submit method will appear, and it give you 2 choices: crawl only this URL ( 500 fetches/month/account ) & crawl this URL and its direct links ( 10 fetches/month/account ). Choose wisely bloggers, i usually choose the second option once/week. Don’t forget to click Ok button.

 Fetch as Bingbot.

After you sign in with your hotmail/live account. Click your site, and on left sidebar, choose diagnostics & tools, and click on fetch as bingbot.
Enter your entire url on the box, and click fetch button.
It’s shouldn’t be difficult to apply this SEO tips & tricks. Comment below if you have problem.

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