Google Adsense Custom Search Engine For Blogger.

When you use blogger default template or install 3rd party template, the added search engine is not working at its best. If you test it by type a phrase or specific keywords you looking for, there is a chance you will see no result. That’s because it use a search/label/label name as a result. I mean how can you know all exactly the label name on one blog!. People behavior when they search something on net is type specific word/phrase. So, you need to fix it!.

How?. By create your own search engine!. Well, not exactly yours, it’s Google Custom Search Engine. For all of my blogs, I use Google Custom Search Engine (Adsense for Search). The advantage to use AdSense for search is google will pay every time someone search using Adsense for search widget and click on the Ads that display on result page. And you can customize it by choose an option to show search result from your blog only. It’s SEO friendly widget.

Now, next question is how to add it. It’s very easy actually. But, the main rule is you have to sign up to Google Adsense first. I know I should write something about google AdSense for beginner, but I need this post publish as a part of my  11 Widgets Need to Install After You Create a Blogspot Blog article before jump to next topic. I’ll write AdSense for beginner eventually. So, stay close, okay?. :D.

Now, back to it.

Let’s assume you already got approved by Google Adsense team, and don’t know about this make money with Adsense for Search feature. Just follow the steps below, how to add it:

1. Log In to your google AdSense account, and choose My Ads tab.

2. Click Search on sidebar, and click New Custom Search Engine button.

3.  Now fill all the box with details/information you want for your blog search engine. Like the pic below show: your search engine name, do you want to display all result on web or just from your blog, country, site language, etc.

4.Choose which custom channel you want to use for your search engine or create one. Custom channel is adsense tool to make your ads unit more target for advertiser. I will post something about this feature later. But, it’s not gonna hurt if you want to try it now.

Choose your search box style and text box length. The maximum length is 100.

5. Choose your Ad style. I usually just set it up to google default.

6. The picture below is show how you want your search engine display, add logo, etc. When you’re sure you finish, click Save and get Code.

7. Copy-paste the code to your HTML/Javascript gadget box, like picture below:

Save it and put it where ever you want. Click Save Arrangement button and View Blog to see the result.

Okay, that’s it. If you follow the steps correctly, there should be google cse on your blog now. Good luck!, and comment below if you have questions.

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