How to Remove Locked Gadget Manually.

So, yesterday I’ve got a little problem with my other blogspot site. It’s a new site and in the early of its construction, I’m not sure with the blog name that i changed it like 2-3 times. At that time i forgot i already have the old feed url and use them as my recent post gadget references.  A few days ago, i noticed the top of the recent link display a post from last year. That’s mean it hasn’t been update to my actually newest post. I figure it out, it because my old feedburner link, so i want to remove it and replace with the new one. But then i can’t.

I click on the edit gadget icon, but it’s only show tittle Configure Feed, and then nothing. No remove, save, or cancel button. Nothing. So, i tried to remove it manually from HTML file, and it’s work. I’m pretty sure some of you will experience problem like this once in the while with other gadget. So, this is how to fix it.

1. First backup your template. Go to Layout tab, look for the gadget you want to remove, and right click on Edit text link. And choose copy link address.
2. Paste the text on notepad, so it will look like this:

3. Copy the widget ID. In my case it’s Feed1.

4. Now, go to Template tab and click on Edit HTML button. On HTML box, search or Ctrl + F Feed1. When you find it, delete the whole line. From opening tag <b:widget> and closing tag </b:widget>.

5. View Blog.

That’s it, newbie. I hope you find this article helpful!.

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