How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Google Analytics is another free tool for webmaster that very much useful and complete. This tool provide us important information about our site. Such as: visitor behavior, how long they spend time on our site, how & where they’re come from, what device they’re using, favorite pages, visitor trends, visitor geographic, keywords queries, and many more that we can use to improve our site.

Google Analytics

Beginner blogger usually very excited when they see on their blogger dashboard stats if they have 100+ pageviews/day. But, pageviews & visitor numbers are not the same. I probably will explain it on next article.

Now, to find out the real visitor number of your site/blog, you need to add google analytics tracking code. Don’t worry, it’s google product, so the tool is safe, and even better free. Where to place it?, just follow the instruction below:

1. Log in to Google Analytics with your google ID.

2. On menu bar, click on Admin. On property column, click create a new property.

Google Analytics create new property

2. On New Property page, choose Website and Classic Analytics.

choose website and classic analytics

And then setting up your property by enter your blog info. After you finish, click get tracking id button.

3. Now, copy your tracking code on the box. Paste it on notepad just in case. Go to your template tab and click edit HTML button. FindĀ </head> tag and place the code above it.

copy GA tracking code
place GA tracking code on blogspot
Don’t forget to click save template button.
4. Or if you wanna more sure, go to settings tab, on other section enter your Google Analytics ID.
place GA ID
This tutorial also apply for tumblr blog. With all the data you see on GA, you can analyze them and improve your blog.

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