How to Add Site on Google Webmaster Tool.

When you have a site/blog and decide to take it seriously, you need some of SEO applies like what tool/gadget you need to added or join to keep in track of your site traffic and its health. Some of the tool are paid, and some of them are free. Google Webmaster Tool is a free tool and a must have for every website/blog owner. GWT will help your blog get indexed fast, analyze traffic and keywords, or to tell you if you have some problem.

This post is supposed to be a continuation of my previous post about meta tag description. But, in that post it’ll require you to join GWT. As this blog is for beginner blogger, so I’m gonna show you how to add your blog on Google Webmaster Tool.

1. Go to Google Webmaster Tool. And log in with your gmail/google account. If your blogging platform is blogspot, the site usually automatically added. But, if you use tumblr or wordpress or just don’t see your blogspot blog there, click on add site red button on right top.

2. Enter your url on add site dialog box and click continue.

3. Google later will ask you to verify your blog. On verification methods, choose HTML tag. There will be a verification code show up that you have to put below <head> tag. See the example below:

Don’t forget to save your blog template/theme changes.

4. Click Verify.

That’s it. Now, you can use all the advantages GWT offer.

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