How to Center Your Header Adsense.

When you place a gadget on header, sometimes it’s place properly in the center, and sometimes it’s a little bit in the left. On most of web/blog, you will see ad banner on header. Have a clean and organize layout is important. It’s mean your blog/web is an investment for you, so you’re serious to taking care of it for your readers best experiment when they browsing your content.

If you have a problem with your adsense position on header, in this post for beginner blogger, I’m gonna show you how to place header adsense in center. Very easy actually, just follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Layout section on dashboard, and look for your adsense html gadget. Open it, and between your adsense code, add this code below:

<div align=”center”>
your adsense code here </div>

2. Save it, and view your blog again.

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