How to Delete Google Analytics Profile.

You probably ask why would you delete your GA profile, right?. Well, in my case, sometimes if a blog having major problem like got malware/virus or punish from google, you want to start all over again. You want to clean old gadget/code and replace them with the new one. Google Analytics let you create profile and added blog as many as you want.

Sometimes I got lost when I navigate on Google Analytics. This is because it has a lot of feature and tab menu or sub-menu. Just in case you have to delete your profile, this is how to do it.
1. Go to Google Analytics and log in with your google ID.

2. On top menu tab, click on Admin. Now, you will see there are 3 column. On 2nd column, choose which property you want to delete. I usually name my property as same as my blog title. So, it’s easier to manage if you have a lot of property.

On 3rd column click on View Setting.

3. ┬áNow, you’re on Setting window. Look on right bottom, and click Delete View.

I know it’s just a short post, but someday you probably will need this article. If you reading this, I’m glad it’s useful.

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