How to Fix 404 Error Code ( Page Not Found ).

Bloggers, how long have you been blogging?. 3 months, 6 months, or you just have your 1 year blogging anniversary?. If you long enough in this blogsphere, there a chance you have some error on your blog. But, you will not find it if you don’t have tool like Google Webmaster Tool that will track your blog health. If you’re a newbie blogger i suggest you start using GWT.

What is 404 Error Code?.

404 error ( warning ) will appear on a page that don’t have content, article, or post on it. I’m sure you all seen it before. Now, what can cause this error?. In my experience, the cause of this error can be the blog/website owner delete the post or they change the url structure. Google will see your blog as “sick” blog and eventually will effect your SERP. Can you fix it?. Of course!.

With blogger new dashboard UI, it’s easier to fix 404 Error Code. Just follow the instruction below:

1. Log in to your GWT account, and click on your site.

2. On your site dashboard, click on crawl errors arrows. As you can see, i have 8 404 not found page there.

gwt crawl errors

3. Click on desktop tab and the not found tab. Copy all the links on your list and paste on notepad.

gwt broken links list

4. Now, go to your blog dashboard —> settings —> search preference, and look on errors and re-directions area, click on custom redirects edit button.

blogger custom redirects

5. Paste your broken link on from box and add the new link on to box area. If you want the link to be permanent, check the box. Make sure you add / before the year post. Like my example broken link below:


Click save and then save changes.

fixed broken links

6. Repeat #5 steps to your all broken link. After you finish, back to GWT and mark all links as fixed.

However, annoying thing constantly happen with this custom re-directs feature. Like suddenly the list is disappear. It’s quiet frustrated if you have a lot of redirect links. I don’t know if it’s a bug or someone probably hack your account. But, sometimes it’s happen when google update algorithm or new template change.

If someone know what caused the links disappear, please comment below!. Hope this article helpful, and thank you for visiting!.

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