Learn Your Template Section.

When you create your very first blogger blog, the platform will ask you which template you want to use. Because it’s the first steps, people will choose randomly. Now let’s say you already know which topic you want to blogging about and already have a proper template for it.

Below are important things that you can use on blogger template section to make your blog appearance look better.

How to Backup/Restore Blogspot Template:

Once in awhile when you get bored with your template, you want to change it with a new one. I usually change mine once/year.
1. From your blogger dashboard, go to Template —–> Backup/Restore button.

2. Before you upload new template, i suggest you to backup your current template, in case everything goes wrong. Click on download full template button and wait until your browser finish the downloading.

Now to upload new template, click on choose file button, and search for the template.xml file. After that click upload button.

How to Change Blogspot Layout For mobile Device:

Change your blog appearance for mobile device will give your readers more clean and fast loading content for visitor to read.

1. On your Template page, there will be 2 display show: live on blog and mobile. Click on setting button on mobile area.

There will be appear a window, and checkĀ Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. And then click Save.

Where to Edit Blogspot HTML Template.

When you install 3rd party template, you will see some built-in link that not related to your blog and has to be edit manually. For beginner blogger, you will always wondering where to. On live on blog display click on Edit HTML button, and you will see all your HTML line in one window.

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