Let Visitor Dig Your Popular Post Through Widget.

Popular post widget is a tool that give your readers a quick insight about what post that attract people attention when they’re browsing your blog. Adding this widget give your new visitor a chance and easy way to discover old popular post. You can set them to popular post all the time, this month, or this week.

Lucky for blogspot user, blogger has their official popular post widget. Follow this easy steps to add it:

1. As always, the first step is Log in to your blog dashboard.

2. Choose LayOut tab, and click on sidebar Add Gadget.

3. On basic gadget list, search for Popular Post. Click on + button to add it.

4. Place the gadget where ever you want. I usually place it on sidebar or footer.

5. Save and View Blog.

That’s it!. Very easy, right?. Comment below if you have question. Thank you for stopping by and reading this article.

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