Make Your Image More SEO Friendly.

Hello guys, how are you?. How’s your weekend?. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your Mom. This time I’m gonna give a simple SEO tips for your image inside the post, that usually missed or underestimate by beginner bloggers.

As a part of blog content, image is an important element. In some of niche such as photo blog, infographic, travelling, fashion & lifestyle, health, and other photo blog based, image is the main content. In this web 2.0 era visual image is like out breakfast in the morning. Raise your hand if the first thing you check when you wake up is your tumblr dashboard, pinterest, or instagram.

Google image search is the biggest source for user to find an image they want. Have your image display on google image search result can give you a traffic and potential loyal readers. Since you new to this blogging thing, you wonder how to do that. It’s pretty simple actually. All you have to do is adding “title” and “alt” tags.

title alt tags image seo
source: storageahead


I’ll start with make image more seo for tumblr blog because their compose form have limited feature. So, you have to add the tags manually. When you writing a text content, upload your image in normal way. Now, click on html text on compose mode menu bar, so it can change to html mode. Like this picture show:

html mode on tumblr

Add the “title” and “alt” tag after image source url. Example like the structure below (the red line):

<img src=”image url” title=”odd thomas” alt=”odd thomas movie poster“/>

title alt tags apply on tumblr
Back to compose mode again and when you hover the image you will see the image title show up.


For blogspot/blogger user, this seo tricks it’s much easier. No need to write the tags on html mode. You can access this useful feature on compose mode.
1. On compose form, click on the picture until you see menu in blue text above/below it, and then click properties.
2. There will be a pop-up box. Enter your image title and alt ( description ). Don’t forget to click Ok button.
tutorial to apply title alt tags blogspot
I’m sure many newbie missed this feature. And if you run photo blog, you can apply this SEO tips and soon you will see your traffic increase.

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