Manage Comments Feature on Blogspot.

When you write useful information that people searching on search engine, they will start leaving comments or feedback on your post. In the eye of google, blog that have comments is good. It’s mean your blog provide quality and unique content.

But, sometimes people leaving comments that doesn’t related to the post or your blog in general. Or those who just want to leave their backlinks or spam on your blog, so they will have better rank & SERP. There’s no actually real conversation. You will immediately recognize this kinda comments. Example, if your blog about fashion, and one day you see a comments about home improvement and a link added in it, that’s kinda comments you want to get rid of.

In this blogspot tips & tricks for beginner, I’m gonna show you how to minimize this unnecessary comments.

How to Moderate Your Blogger Comments.

1. From your blogspot dashboard, go to Settings —-> Posts and Comments.

Set your comments area like i set mine. See the pic below:

Comment Location: Embedded.
This mean, all the comments will appear in the same page as your post.

Who can comment: Anyone includes Anonymous Users.
You will moderate this comment feature, so don’t worry if you receive bad anon comment.

Comment Moderation: Always.
Enter which email address you want to use for moderation request.

Show word verification: Yes.

Show Backlinks: Show.
This option will keep you tracking of other pages on the web that link to your post.

Comment Form Message: A message to welcome your readers before they leave comments. As you can see on the pic above, i have a warning message for spam comments.

After you please with this setting, click Save Settings.

Soon, you will receive every new comments on your email. You can publish, moderate, or delete them from there.

If you want to see the list of your comments, either it’s published, awaiting moderation, or spam, go to Comments tab.

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