If someone visit your blogspot blog and find the information you provide is useful, they want to be a regular readers. To be able to do that, they need to subscribe to your blog. There are two type of subscriber. One, people who like follow content on feeds/feedburner. Two, people who like receive content through email.
Luckily for you, there are official subscribe button and follow me via email gadget for blogspot blog. From my experience, adding these official gadget is useful if you want your template load faster than if you use HTML code from feedburner.com.

To add them is very easy, just follow the easy steps below:

1. Log in to blogger.com. Go to your blog dashboard, and click LayOut tab.

2. Click Add Gadget on sidebar part. When the basic gadget box show, search Feed , and click the add button.

3. Repeat #2 step, and search Follow by Email on basics gadget. Click the add button.

4. Position these gadgets as you like. I usually place subscribe gadget on the top of follow me via email gadget. Now, where to put them on your template?. The best position I think is below your social networking button on sidebar. Just put them in one area where your readers can find to connect to you and your content in easy way.

Hope this short blogspot tutorial for beginner is helpful. If you have questions, comment below!. Thank you for reading.
Written by svnserendipity (admin)