One Click to Remove Blogger Navbar.

When you create blogspot/blogger blog and choose use their default template, the navbar gadget will show on your blog page by default. But, if you use third party template, though mostly the designer include them, it’s hidden.

The navbar can be useful, it’s a shortcut to your dashboard, a quick click to Sign in /Sign out, you can search other blog, share interesting blog, and randomly stumble to next/updated blog. But, sometimes in visual way, you wanna get rid of it. This is probably the easiestĀ tutorial for beginner i ever write, it’s only need one click.

1. Log in to your blog dashboard. Choose LAYOUT.

2. Click EDIT on your Navbar Gadget.

3. The Navbar window will appears, scroll down and select Off. Click Save button.

You’re done. See, it’s very easy, right?

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