Post Tab Feature, Add New/Remove Label, and Change URL Tips & Trick.

It’s actually easy to manage blogger All Post tab. But, i think there’s some of hidden trick that some of newbie don’t know, and I’m sure they will need it in the future. Things like add/remove label or change post url that already published. All this things you can find in this section.

Just read this article until it’s finish, because I’m gonna start from the basic/beginning.

In this Post tab, i can divide it in 4 section: Post Numbers, Post List, Label List, and Post Stat. Let’s start from the easiest one. :D.

1. Post Numbers.
You can see how many post on your blog. Either it’s already publish or still in draft. You can quick access to your draft post here.

2. Post List.
This section includes all the post list (draft/publish), label drop menu, publish button, revert to draft, and delete button. If you want to edit, preview, share, or delete a post, hover your move on post tittle and the option will appear below it. Or you can check its box and click on label drop menu if you want to add it to another existing label, publish it if the post still in draft, revert the post to draft if you want to edit publish post, or click the recycle bin if you want to delete it permanently.

3. Label List.
This section is the fastest way to access all your post in specific label. Just click the drop menu, and all the label will show.

4. Post Stat.
This is your blog stat section where the author name display, how many people G+ your post, how many people comment on the post, post pageviews, and its date launched.

Now here’s some of blogger tips & tricks for beginner that i mentioned before.

How to Add New Label on Blogspot:

1. Check the box which post you want to add label.

2. Click on Label drop menu and choose New Label.

3. Enter your new label and click OK.

Now, you can see the new label (blogger tutorial) already added.

Yes, i know it’s a simple procedure, but if you’re a beginner, just like me a couple years ago, you can spend hours to figure it out. Just remember everytime you want to add another new label/category, Refresh your page. I say again, RELOAD/REFRESH you page!. Why, because it can accidentally add to all 25 post in that page. I learnt it in the hard way, and have to dig to all my old post.

How to Remove Label on Blogspot:

1. Pick which post you want to remove its label.

2. Click the label drop menu, and click on the label you want to remove.

Now, the label is gone from the post category. No more blogger tutorial label.

Again, before you remove another label from a post, RELOAD/REFRESH your page!.

How to Change Blogspot Custom Permalink:

Most case when a blogger change their URL address, it’s because they overload their keywords on URL, and google punish them. If you just starting blogging, i suggest you to not flood your keywords on post tittle and url address. Sooner or later, google will kick your post out from their search engine. Maybe 1 keywords in two post title is okay.

If you facing this situation and forced to change blog tittle and url, this is how:

1. Pick/Check the post you want to change its url address.

2. And click Revert to draft button. Now, look on draft post list, and click edit button below post tittle.

3. Enter your custom permalink. Make sure it’s not too long. Just right to the point of the post. Click Done and then Publish button.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you all find this article helpful!.

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