Quick Way to Search/Find Code on HTML Window.

When you want to add, delete, or change something from your blogger HTML template, you need a quick way to find/search the part you want to edit. Or you just scroll up & down. But, that’s will take a lot of time, a headache, and at some point you’ll be frustrated.

Now, in this post I’m gonna show you how to find tag, line, or code on your html window easier, quickly, and guarantee free headache. :D.

1. Go to your template section, and click on Edit HTML.

2. When your html window open, left click anywhere and press button Ctrl + F. Now, the search box will show up on right top.

search specific line on html box blogspot

3. On search box enter the tag/line/code you looking for, and press Enter button on your keyboard. For example, I’m just gonna write footer. Blogger will highlights all footer line. Keep press Enter until you find the right tag/line.

Quick Way to Search/Find Code on HTML Window.
Okay, that’s it. Pretty simple, right?. I know it’s just a short post tips, but in my early days of blogging when i don’t know this tricks, it’s frustrated looking for specific tag. I thought some people will face the same problem too, so there you go.

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