Remove Broken/Error Link Permanently From Google SERP.

What can make a webmaster/site owner remove one or more urls link from their blog directory?. I always gave my readers an example from my experience. So, here are 3 reason of why i think bloggers send urls links remove request.

1. Deleted Article/Post.
Raise your hand if you ever delete an article and think it won’t effect your site?. Well, it won’t effect your site performance, but it’s also not good for your site health. When you delete a post, search engine bot that usually crawl your content will get lost or confuse because one particular post that is a part of your blog path/directory is gone.

2. Deleted Blog.
If you eventually have to delete your blog, you have to make sure that the whole information is disappear from google SERP. The only way to do that is remove the site homepage and all of its links on GWT.

3. Duplicate Meta Descriptions.
Duplicate meta descriptions will occur if your blog ( homepage or pages ) have same meta description, even though you use dynamic meta description for desktop or mobile. In the list you will see something like this:


You can find all these 3 error on your Google Webmaster Tool. For number 1 & 2 you can check on crawl errors section, and for duplicate meta description check on HTML Improvements section. I will discuss further more about duplicate meta description & title tag on another post.

1. Now log in to GWT.

2. On left menu, click on Google Index, and click Remove Urls.

3. Click on Create a New Removal Request, and enter the link you want to delete from search engine. Click Continue button.

4. On Reason, choose remove page from search result and cache, and then click Submit Request button.
5. Because the link already in fix process, back to crawl errors, click the link, and click Mark as Fixed button.
Sometimes because of google penalty, a webmaster is forced to edit/change their permalink. If it happened to you, don’t forget to redirect it to new link, so you don’t have plenty of crawl errors.
Okay, that’s it guys. I hope this article help you understand a little bit about how to fix all errors you found on your GWT. I know it’s confusing for beginners, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask me. See ya!.

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