I Successful Remove Copied Text “See More” #sthash Hashtag.

If you use ShareThis widget on blogspot blog, you will notice something is wrong when you copy-paste a text from your blog. Well, I’m noticed this quiet long enough, but never take an action to fix it from my blog.:D.

The problem is #sthash hashtag that will appear every time you copy-paste text from a blog. You will see a complete text like this: “See more at: http://BlogURL#sthash.2qPzxtPX.dpuf”. This extended text caused by CopyNShare feature on ShareThis plugin. It use to track your blog activity and how many people share your post. ShareThis didn’t ask my permission for it and i don’t want this function.

I have a comment last week about how people can not copy-paste the code i gave for them. When they paste the code, it’s just show the extended text. Of course, we can trick the copy-paste thing, but my blog is about blogging tutorial for beginner, so things should be easier here, right?. So, i fixed the problem. If you have the same problem and frustrated by it, this is how i delete it.

1. Log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to Lay Out tab.

2. Look for your ShareThis gadget, click edit button.

3. When the gadget html box pop-up, copy-paste the code below between your PUB KEY and );var f = document.getElementById.


See the pic below:

4. Save it, and test your blog.

Hopefully it’s helpful bloggers!. See ya next time!.

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