Share Your Post on Twitter Automatically.

By sharing your blog post on social media website like twitter, your blog will receive a free & quality backlinks, get new readers & traffic, and gain popularity. There are two solution of how to share your content directly to twitter: by manual or automatically. With manual, you can click on social media icon that already added below your content. The disadvantages of this technique is, it will waste your time. Or you can do it automatically with a service like feedburner.

Feedburner is one of google service, so you can trust and count on them. You only have to setting it once, and soon it will tweet your blog post automatically. Follow the easy instruction for beginner blogger below:

1. Go to Feedburner and log in with your google ID. After that you have to burn a feed of your blog address.

2. Now, let’s just assume you already have a feed address. Go to Publicize tab and on left sidebar click on Socialize.

feedburner pblicize -socialize

3. Click on Add a Twitter Account, and pop-out window will appear ask permission to connect your twitter and feedburner. Click Allow button. You can add multiple twitter account for 1 blog feed.

4. Back on your feedburner account, customize the formatting option and item collection. That’s includes how the hash tags display and if you want to insert additional text on the tweet. Don’t worry, just play with it, there is a sample preview below it. After you satisfied with your setting, click Save button. Below picture is my twitter setting for this blog.

feedburner add twitter account blogspot

And now you wondering how long it takes until you see it on your timeline. It depends actually on the time of your publish. It can tweet instantly after you publish or several hours later. I think feedburner and other service know when exactly the right time to tweet your blog content.

That’s it, i hope this article is helpful for you. See you on next post!.

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