Shout Mix Box is Chat Tool to Have Live Conversation with Your Readers.

Chat box is one of the powerful tool that allow you to connect with your readers. have a live conversation on your blog. People will leave you message, like how helpful your blog or just want to say Hi. And Shout Mix is one of the bloggers favorite tool for that. Don’t worry this blogspot tutorial for beginner will show you how easy to add it.

1. First you have to go to Shout Mix and CREATE ACCOUNT. Don`t worry,it`s free :). Fill the sign up form. Like the regular process when we create email or other online account.

2. When you done the sign up process. Go to your Shout Mix home page, like the pic below. Then click on the GET CODES.

3. COPY the code in generated codes box, like the pic below.

4. And now LOG IN to your BLOGGER account. On dashboard page, choose LAYOUT and click ADD GADGET. On basic feature search for HTML/JavaScript. click on the + sign.

5. On the HTML/JavaScript window, type the title of the gadget whatever you want. On the content box paste the Code that you copy from Shout Mix.

6. Put the gadget where you like. Don`t forget to save it and now click on VIEW BLOG.

Now you have your chat box!. You can customized the display of your shout mix for the better looking.

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