Simple Trick Adding Recent Post & Recent Comments Gadget with Feed Link.

The recent post and recent comments widget is a tool to show your new visitor what’s currently happening with your blog without visit the home page. Blogger once had the official widget, but some glitch happened and I never see it on blogspot gadget list anymore.

So, that’s leave you to use 3rd party widget. I’m sure when you google it you will find plenty of post that answer your question. But, are they the safe?. As I mentioned on my post before, you need to careful when you adding 3rd party widget or JavaScript. Some of recent post & recent comments script has malware in it. It happened to me once. I don’t want the same experience happen to you as well, so I wrote this simple blogspot tutorial.

I’m not sure why not many blogspot blogger use this trick, but you actually can add recent post and recent comments with feed link. They will appear in text link. Even better cos google bot crawl faster in text link than image link. Just follow this blogspot tutorial for beginner below:

1. Log in to your dashboard, and choose LayOut tab.

2. Click Add Gadget on sidebar or footer area. Depends where you wanna place the gadget.

2. On basic gadget list search for Feed Link, and click + button.

3. Now for Recent Post widget add your feed URL like this on the box: FEED NAME

Click Continue.

4. Now you can customize as you like, see the pic below:

Click Save.

5. Now for Recent Comments, repeat steps 1 – 3, except on feed box, enter your comments feed URL, like this:


Click Continue, and customize it as you like.

6. Place the gadgets where ever you want. Save it and view blog.

It needs several minutes the post or comments show up after you publish them. See, it’s very easy, right?. Ask me if you have question. Thank you for reading!.

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