The Use of All Tools Compose Form.

For beginner blogger who use blogspot as their blogging platform, writing on new post is easier than wordpress. Blogspot has more clean and less crowded UI. Every time you want to write a post, make sure you’re in compose mode. This way you can write a content, just like you write on Microsoft Word. Even though it’s easier than HTML mode, but if it’s your first post, just like me years ago, you’ll be clueless, and scare that you’ll make mistake.

So, i write this blogspot tips & tricks for beginner about all the tools on compose form, and how to use them correctly.

1. Undo – Redo.
Well, this pretty easy tool. Undo if you make a mistake and want to use the previous mode.
2. Default Font.
There are 7 different font you can use as your default content text. But, if you use 3rd party template, the designer already set it on your template code. So, if you make change through this feature, it won’t change at all. My suggestion, the moment the compose form appear, click the content box and start writing. Don’t touch this tool.

3. Font Size.
Yes, it will effect your content text if you click this tool. I usually use this for post signature or photo caption option.

4. Heading.
Blogger gives you headings tag option. If you write content text, just set it to Normal. But, if you think you have a sentence that also sound like a tittle, you can set it to Subheading or Minor heading. In HTML form, the tag will look like this:

your text content


Fast way to do this, select the sentence and click Subheading or Minor heading. The advantage to use headings is it can boost your SEO and SERP. But remember, don’t over do it, okay?.

5. Font Style.
This is another way to work on your on page SEO technique. You can bold, italic, or underline your keyword to make your post quickly recognize by search engine when people looking for a specific topic. You see, just like i did on the first paragraph of this article.

6. Text Color & Text Background Color.
If you want to change the color of your text and add background color, this is the feature you should use. I don’t use it a lot. I think it’s corny and it hurt my eyes. This is how it look:

Welcome to Imjsu.

If you pay attention, i only use it on my signature text.

7. Add Link, Image, Video, and Jump Break.
This is one of the 3 most useful tool on blogger compose form. When you want to direct people to other page, either it’s on another website or still on your blog, you use text link feature. Select the text and click on Link feature.

If you want to insert picture, click on Insert Image icon, and choose your image source.

If you want to add video, click on Insert a Video icon, and select your video source. It can be direct from your computer, youtube, or webcam. The process pretty much the same as insert image.

Jump Break is the feature that let you break in somewhere on your content. If you install 3rd party template, this feature is known as Read More. On some of old template, the designer didn’t include the code, so you have to add it manual or use the Jump Break.

8. Alignment, Numbered & Bullet List, Quote, Remove Formatting. 
Alignment: To position your text to left, center, right, or justify.
Numbered List: To give your text a number list. Select the text and click the icon. Same process apply to bullet list.
Quote: Use this tool if you want to quote someone from internet with their trusted source. Select the text and click the icon. After that the text will be place on the center.

9.  Check Spelling.
Well, we’re human, of course we make mistake. When you writing blog post, check spelling is a tool that will save you from embarrassment. After you finish, click on the icon and it will check your misspelling. Blogger will highlight them, and give you the suggestion word.

Okay guys, I know most of you already know thing i mentioned above. But, i believe someone somewhere find this article useful. So, this is for you newbie!. Come say Hi, okay?.

See you on next post, bloggers!.

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