It’s Winter. This Is How to Add Snow Effect.

We don’t have snow here, but maybe some of you are lucky to experience it. If you look out the window and it’s snowing, and wondering if you can apply snow flash on you blog. The answer is yes, you can. You can add the script on your WordPress or Blogspot web, and it’s really easy.

The snow will follow cursor movement on screen, and it looks perfect on white or black background with simple template design.

1. Log In to your blogger account, and choose which blog you want to add it.

2. On Dashboard, click Lay Out. Now you can see all gadget inside your blog.

3. Find Add Gadget button, click and the list of gadget will pop up, click + on HTML/JavaScript.

4. Now copy – paste the code below on HTML/JavaScript box:

<script src=””></script>

add snow effect code

Leave the title empty and click Save.

5. Usually when you add gadget, it will show up on top of the list. But you can move or arrange by drag them and place anywhere you want. I suggest you put it on the bottom of the list.

6. Preview your blog, and if you like it click Save.

The step for WordPress is pretty much the same. Go to your Appearence –> Widgets, and choose Text widget. Copy the code above and paste on content box.

Now, you have snow on your blog. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

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