You Can Publish Post via Mobile and Email.

Inspiration to write a blog post can come anytime. Either you have a super power to memorize words by words, or you need a tool for that. In blogger you can post a content via mobile phone & email. This is how you do it:

How to Publish Blogger Post via Cellphone.

1. On your blogger dashboard, go to Settings section, and click on Mobile and Email option.

2. If you want start posting using your mobile phone SMS/MMS feature, click on Add mobile device.

There will be a pop-out window that give you 9 letter of verification code. If your phone have MMS feature, email the code to

If your phone doesn’t support MMS, text the code to 256447.

How to Publish Blogger Post via Email.

In this option, you have to create a secret email, an email address where you have to send your post or draft. You have 3 option there: publish immediately, save it as a draft post, or disabled this feature. You also can set your comment notification.

Now, let’s just say every time you publish an email or mobile post, you just want a certain people to read it. You can enter their email address and make a list on Email post to feature.

I only comfortable to use this feature to draft post. Hope this article is helpful for you, newbie!.

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