How to Apply Basic Material and Texture in Blender 2.77

Ok guys, now it’s time to apply our train toy with basic material and texture. This tutorial is very basic. I just want to show and make you comfortable to use the material and texture panel. Because if you’re a beginner with blender, you probably will get lost where all this tool place.

unapply material on object

First we will add material on first torus on the project scene. Go to properties editor panel, click on material slot and choose yellow on diffuse color. Also change the the specular intensity to 0.8 or 1. Don’t forget to rename the material to yellow.

Do the same method for other torus object with different color. Make the torus smooth by access tool —> shading —> smooth on tool shelf, so it will look like this:

Now, we’re move to the wheel. I’m just gonna set the color a simple black. Just repeat the step that I show on torus object, only this time change the color to black. Now, because all the wheel is black we can link it together. Select the other 3 wheels first and next select the already apply wheel. Go to object —> make links —> materials. Same links method you using for funnel and circle object that place in the back with red torus material.

See the picture below as result:

The last one we’re gonna apply the wood texture for train body. But, you need to remember that everytime you want to using a texture, you still need to create a new material first. So, go to create a new material like the first instruction I show you above, this time leave the diffuse color white or maybe you can change it to light wood color. Next go to texture slot and click on new button. On type choose Image or Movie. Click Both button and on image option click open folder. So, you will have a panel like this:

After that you can connect all the objects that you plan to use wood material with links material method. Just remember, that last object you select is the one that already have material.

The last step is to render the scene. You can upgrade the resolution to 100%, change sample higher than default like 20. If you want to change the background, go to world slot, and change the horizon color. You can see the final result below:

If you can’t keep up with this article, you can watch the video version below. I really hope this simple blender tutorial is useful for beginner user. Thank you for reading and see you on next article!.


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