[AutoCAD 2015 For Mac Free Version] Download, Install, and User Setting.

It’s been a very long time since I using Autocad for work related. The last time I use Autocad is version 2006 and then I switch to SketchUp and Blender3D. Like I mentioned on my first post about LibreCAD, an open source CAD software, I kinda forced again to use CAD software because I have a small project a few months back.

Download Free Autocad:

Just for the curiousity, I visit autodesk website and very happy they provide a free version for Autocad even though it’s for student or education field. So, what you waiting for?. Make sure you already have autodesk account, sign in, and then visit Autodesk Free Autocad webpage. Click Get Autocad For Mac.

AutoCAD 2015 For Mac Free Version

Because I download it in 2018, the oldest version 2015 is still available. I choose that version because I still use my old Macbook Air. But some user say version 2015, 2016, and 2017 are basically the same. You can choose your version, OS, and language as you like. You will get serial number, product key, and authorized useage. Final step is click that red Browser Download button and Save As the .dmg file.

Install Free Autocad:

Click the Autocad 2015 .dmg file, wait until it verifying, and drag it to Application folder.

Autocad User Preferences/Setting:

When you open Autocad 2015 app, you will greet with welcome page with 3 section: create, learn, and extend. You can explore other section another time, but for now go to create new file, choose icadiso.dwt.

To get a better user experiences when you working on a project, you can edit some of its setting base on your preferences. Click on Autocad 2015 -→ Preferences, or you can type Preferences. Here’s my setup for each section:


Cursor & Selection:

Units & Guides:

Look & Feel:

Document Setting:

If you get bored looking at these picture, go watch this youtube video I record. But, if I can summary the setting & preferences, it’s probably setting your unit drawing and UI feel or look. On next Autocad 2015 tutorial article, we will draw a floor plan for simple or minimalist house. Subscribe to this blog and follow my social media so you won’t miss out an article.

Hopefully this AutoCAD 2015 For Mac Free Version post is useful for you, thank you for reading and see you later…

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