Apply Basic Brush Metal Material in Blender 3D.

In this Easter weekend, I try to spend time to write this short blender tutorial. This article will show beginner user how to apply a brush metal material on spike mace object. Here’s the links of my 2 previous tutorial:

You can check them first before following this article.

Open the new blender file or you can use the exist file that have spike mace object.

To have a realistic smooth and bright background, go to world editor, choose white background or any color you want, and check the Ambient Occlusion box.

For interlinked chain material we will use brush metal image bitmap with Mapping Coordinates = Reflection set so it will have a reflection effect like mirror. You can search the texture on google image.

Create a new material first, leave all parameter default, and next create a new texture with details like mine below:

Beside a .jpg or .png file, you also can use .hdr file for much better result on your material render.

I repeat┬áthe same procedure for spike mace object, only this time i use more dark metal material. Here’s my final render:

brush metal

That’s it, you’re finish. I told it’s very short :). Anyway, I really hope this basic brush metal blender tutorial is useful for beginner user. If you have question, leave me a comment or tweet me. See you next time, friends!.

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