[Gimp] Selection Pt.2: Color, Scissor, Foreground, and Path.

After we learn about rectangle, ellipse, free, and fuzzy selection on part 1, now we will discuss the rest of gimp selection tool, which is color, scissor, foreground, and path. This selections is still easy to follow. If you want more details explanation, please subscribe to my youtube channel, because I also will release the video version of this article.

1. Color Select.

Color selection is similar with fuzzy selection. It will select base on color. The difference is, with Fuzzy it only select same color on same/smaller region. But, if you choose Color Select, it will select same color on the whole image. Still play with Threshold value if you want to increase/decrease the sensitivity of the color detection.

Color, Scissor, Foreground, and Path

2. Scissor Select.

The principle of Scissor Select is same like Free-hand Select. It’s just the Scissor Selection will snap on area with contrast colors. When you use this method, you can feel how the scissor vertex being pull to the selection path you choose. Press enter when you done. You also can create a new vertex point by left click on mouse.

3. Foreground Select.

The Foreground Select is a little bit complex than other selection we already learn. It will also select base on color you paint. You need to trace outside of your object and then paint/ brush on the color that is a contrast with your background. Press enter to see final selection area. If you confuse just watch the video.

4. Path Select.

With Path Select, whenever you click on area, the vertex point will comes with handler that you can adjust to follow the selection path. So, it’s like click and drag. Don’t forget the edit mode where you can add new point between two existing points. When you happy with your selection area, click Selection From Path button and then click Move icon to make the points disappear.

That was it!. The whole selection option on Gimp that you can choose. I use Free, Foreground, Path, and Color Select quiet often. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and my youtube channel. Thank you for stay with me, guys!.

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