[Blender 3D Minecraft Character] Part 1: Cube, UV Image Editor, & Mapping.

I’m sure some of you is familiar with this Minecraft character name The Iron Golem. I have to admit though, I’m not a gamer. So it was a quick google research hahaha. Anyway, this cube, uv image editor, and uv mapping will show you how to add images on 6 side of a character head. The technique we will use called a simple uv image editing and seamless.

But, first you need to provide an image that have 6 side of head like mine below:

[Blender 3D Minecraft Character] Part 1: Cube, UV Image Editor, and UV Mapping

You need to master this basic uv mapping, so you can upgrade to more complicated mapping like monster character.

Cube Preparation:

When you open blender software, you will see a default cube, right?. Keep it and change its dimension through properties panel ( N ).

2 Viewport ( 3D & UV Image Editor ):

We will add another viewport to make our work process easier. You just need to drag split icon ( on the right top ) to the left so now we have 2 window on our layout work. Change one of the window to image editor by click and choose from editor type list.

UV Mapping in Blender 3D:

On image editor, click open button to display your mapping image ( the first image above ). Your image editor will instantly display the reference pic. If the ref pic is too small, just scroll mouse to make it bigger.

Click on cube and enter edit mode ( Tab ). The image ref will cover in orange. Now the important part is active Shading/UVs and on UV Mapping scroll down list choose Unwrap. With this set we will work all face on cube one by one. The light orange cover on ref image will change to dark orange. This mean all cube faces are overlapping.

Let’s work with front face first. Click it and you see there are 4 vertex active that represent the front face.

Before we continue, set Viewport Shading = Texture so the image ref is display on 3D viewport. Delete your lamp object so there is no shadow/dark part on cube anymore. Still on Edit Mode, because we will work on front face make sure it’s active. On UV/Image Editor select those all orange line or for shortcut press A.

Now, the most tool you will use is transform the orange square line. Which mean you can scale, grab/move ( align x or y axis ), rotate, zoom, whatever you need to make the orange square place on front part of ref image.

One down. 5 to go hehehe. The good news is all the process for 5 cube face are the same with front face, so I won’t repeat it. Sorry if some of you disappointed. But, you always can ask me a question via comment box below. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe for this series part 2 tutorial. See ya!.






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