Convert Cylinder to Small Stalk in Blender 3D.

After we finish with modeling the mango fruit and paint its skin, now we will convert a cylinder to small stalk. This tutorial is quiet short and simple to follow. If you actually following this mango series, I’m sure you have the practice file, right?. So open your file that have mango object and click a new layer. Or just create a new file.

To create a cylinder, press Shift + A and choose Mesh —> Cylinder. Set the parameter like picture below:

Transform to edit mode (Tab) and create a new segment like we did on cube mango object. You can access from tool shelf —> tools tab —> loop cut and slide or from keyboard press Ctrl + R.

Simple Deform:

To give one of the end a wane effect, we can add simple deform modifier.

Now, how to make this stalk bend?. First you have to align its direction to X axis like this. Use rotate (R) command.

And then we will need a helper object like Empty —> Cube. Place it in the middle of our stalk.

We will add another simple deform modifier on our stalk object, only this time we choose bend, axis origin = empty, and angle -70.

Also pay attention on our simple deform modifier placement list. As you can see I put the bend mode above of taper. If i switch it it look like this. The smaller end shape change. It’s your call which method you want to use.

Once you decide, click on apply button. The converting process is finish, now move it to first layer use M shortcut. Next you just need to make some placement adjustment like rotate, grab (move), even scale it if you need to until its in the right place. Give it a simple brown color material.

Tadaaaa… Look cool, huh?

Cylinder to Small Stalk

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