Cylinder (Ice Cream Packaging) UV Map in Blender 3D Pt 2.

Hello, guys. We meet again. How’s your weekend?. Hopefully you have a wonderful time with friends and family. On my previous post, we learn how to create uv map using Mark Seam technique. After you export and create a graphic like picture below on photo editing software like gimp, now it’s time to apply it on our Cylinder (Ice Cream Packaging) UV Map object. The packaging design is from Fancy Ferret, you might want to check them out.

Cylinder (Ice Cream Pakaging) UV Map

I make some quick adjustment for the purpose of this tutorial. Some of you probably think it’s not good, which is true because I’m suck at gimp :). Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?.

Fix a Reverse Mapping.

Open your last save file from tutorial part 1 I mentioned above. On UV/Image Editor viewport, click open image button and choose the png file you created on image editing software. And change shade display to texture. Your blender layout will change like mine below:

If you experience a reverse mapping like I have above, still in Face mode, you can fix it with select the bottom uv map, the one with ice cream brand using shortcut B.

And then on menu bar click UVs —> Mirror —> X Axis and Y Axis. Done, it’s fixed!.


The final touch is making its light and background. Back to default viewport and set the Shading = Texture. You can adjust the camera if you want. For example I set mine to TV Pal 4:3 with x and y aspect ratio 1.

And also don’t forget to add a lamp point. However, if you render it, you will receive a dark shading. How to fix it?. Please read this minecraft tutorial. It’s a same process. Always remember to check Ambient Occlusion box on World panel. Your final render will look like this:

Cylinder (Ice Cream Packaging) UV Map

So, what do you think?. I bet now you want some ice cream, huh?. Yeah, me too :). I hope this short tutorial is useful for some of you, and I know I’m not so detail on some part. So if you have question, feel free to ask on comment box below. If you like this posting, please share it with other blender 3d user. Until next time, friends!.

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