[Blender 3D] Play with Depth of Field.

I think it’s time to play with depth of field, right?. With this feature our image will have a focus and blur effect. It’s like all that photography filter you see on instagram. You also can take a picture with this effect with iPhone.

Open again our particle object file and I want the Sphere as our focus object. Select the camera and click camera editor. Choose Focus = Sphere.

We will make a new node connection, so delete all existing node that we have from our previously course. For first node, press Shift + A -→ Input -→ Render Layers.

And for last node, add Output -→ Composite. Connect both of them. To get the Depth of Field effect, you need Filter -→ Defocus node and connect both of Image parameters. Now, we have to decide which part is blur by connect Z parameters. If you see on image editor, all our scene is blur.

But, we only want the Sphere and its surrounding become the focus area. So active Z-Buffer and set fStop value to 1. Just see picture below if you get confuse.

Mix Image:

What about if I want to add another image on this render?. Yes, we can do that by add a new Input -→ Image node.

To mix the render image with this new image together, we need a new node called Color -→ Mix. Now connect both of Image parameters and change factor to 0.4. Just like in photoshop you can choose what blend type you want to use. This time I choose Linear Light.

Play with Depth of Field

What do you think?. Interesting, huh?. Just go play with depth of field feature until you get the render result you want. Thank you for reading this blog and I see you soon. Ciao!.

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