[Tsunami Effect Blender 3D] Part 2: Dry Soil & Beach Texture.

After finished created a hills landscape, now we’re move to the second part of this blender 3d tutorial series: dry soil & beach effect. To make it more realistic, we will grab a dry soil png file and apply it to our object. Like always, everytime you create a new material, do not forget select the object first. And by the way, for the purpose of effect we want to achieve, make sure the specular: intensity = 0.

Next, add a new texture and upload your dry soil png file. For coordinates: generated and projection: cube.

You will see the display of the texture is big. To make it smaller, change the repeat parameter, example x and y = 6. For better result check x and y mirror, so there is no repeat lines.

To have bump and rough effect, active geometry: normal and set diffuse: color =1.

After I add sunlight source, i have this result:

Extend Object to Create Beach:

We will approach the beach making with manual process, which mean pull all the edge so it’s sloping. Enter Edit Mode and select all edge ( Alt + right click ) and then pull them one by one.

[Tsunami Effect Blender 3D] Part 2: Dry Soil & Beach Texture

That’s it, guys!. I finish this part here, so we’re more focus one topic at the time and hopefully understanding better. Next tutorial we will use another modifier to create ocean tsunami wave. If you have question please feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading!.

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