Experiment More with Bevel Object ( Vase ) in Blender 3D

If you subscribe to this blog, you sure following my explore bevel object tutorial. The first part is show user how we make a bowl, now we will play a little bit until it’s shape like a glass. To continue the previous course, open your last practice file. There is a small hole in the middle of our bowl object, but we can fix it easily by changing the value on Geometry Offset -0.5

Or you can enter to Edit mode, select all the circle vertex, and try to change the size of it with Scale ( S ) tool.

Let’s switched to Vector ( V ). You will see the object change like this:

Basically, if you curious to see different shape, you just need to play with the its curve ( vertex ). At this point, I will assume you already know how to adjust the curve. You can play until it shape like a vase. To add new vertex between 2 vertex, first you have to select that 2 vertex and press W and choose Subdivide. Here’s my result:

Experiment Vase

Our vase don’t have a thickness yet. Back to Object mode and add Solidify Modifier with Thickness value = 0.1. To have visible borderline use Edge Split modifier. Sometime if you have a complicated curve, you won’t be able to apply this modifier. So, make sure your vase shape is simple.

I really hope this new tips ( experiment vase ) from me can be useful for beginner blender user. Here’s some of list of my old article that you might like:

If you have free time, please check the links above and maybe you can sharing some tips on comment box. Thank you for reading and let’s connect on twitter. See you on next tutorial!.

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